Case Study

Securing, Migrating, and Modernizing an Agency’s Critical Applications to the Cloud

Client Challenge

An independent Federal Agency needed to meet required mandates to secure, migrate, and modernize their enterprise applications from on-prem data centers to a cloud hosted environment. They selected Mindcubed to conduct security assessment on their applications, identifying and addressing code vulnerabilities to ensure robust security measures are implemented. Subsequently, Mindcubed developed a comprehensive Cloud Migration strategy for a ‘lift and shift’ approach, aiming to transition the applications to a cloud environment seamlessly. Finally, Mindcubed implemented the ‘lift and shift’ strategy and modernized the applications as part of the migration process, enhancing their functionality and scalability in the cloud ecosystem.

Our Solution

Mindcubed utilizes a proven Agile approach for Cloud migration that provides a set of best practices and guidelines for building and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective workloads in the Azure Cloud. We started with developing a comprehensive plan to migrate existing systems and build out new designs to deliver the current software components and capabilities on a FEDRAMP-approved Azure cloud platform.

Before migration, we worked with the government to bring the system into compliance with current secure application development standards, remediate known security vulnerabilities, and enhance security controls and countermeasures to satisfy federal compliance mandates. We then refactored the system for the cloud to make it both portable and scalable to meet the high-availability requirements of a 24×7 hybrid workforce and adaptable for rapid development and deployment of new capabilities.

Key Results

Mindcubed worked with the government to execute a lift-and-shift migration, including automating and implementing programming interfaces with external partners and developing Application Programming Interfaces replicating current functionality. The new architecture meets all (FISMA) requirements for protecting sensitive data. The government has a clear path to expand the project for future growth on the cloud infrastructure, leveraging cloud-native services and technologies.
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