Case Study

Management and Modernization of Federal Government Database Services

Client Challenge

A Federal agency needs to better manage, support, evolve, and maintain its database and application middleware server infrastructure.

The agency also wants to take advantage of new technologies and industry best practices to better leverage database infrastructure support services, such as an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (lTlL) management framework across lT services, and to keep pace with advancements in the lT industry while providing for additional capacity for future growth.

Our Solution

Mindcubed was engaged to perform administration, enhancement, maintenance, and management services for the current and future database and middleware environment with 24×7 operation.

Mindcubed currently manages 330+ database and middleware servers and 950+ databases using an as-a-service model focused on providing value, security, and responsive service to business users. We apply our proven framework to integrate operations, service delivery, optimization, and modernization initiatives.

We continually optimize operations through automation of repetitive tasks and an improved customer experience through self-service options and migration to cloud infrastructure.

Key Results

Mindcubed worked with the government to achieve a standardized, as-a-service offering based on open-source technology in an automated environment using modern DevSecOps and DataOps principles.

We’ve implemented automation supporting infrastructure as code while improving delivery, leading to significant savings in labor costs while meeting stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance, and we continue to support the migration of legacy database technologies to open source and cloud-native technologies.

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