Mindcubed awarded analytics and consulting contract with Arlington County, Virginia

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Mindcubed, innovator of the GRID analytics platform, today announced it has been awarded a contract to develop comprehensive analytics for the “Specialized Transportation for Arlington Residents” (STAR) program.

Home to the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and numerous federal agencies, Arlington is an urban county located across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. Arlington County’s STAR program is part of Arlington Transit (ART), the county’s public transit system and serves residents who have difficulty using public, fixed-route transit due to their age, disability, or environmental conditions.

Through the Mindcubed GRID platform’s analytics capabilities, the county will be able to better understand how STAR services are used throughout the county. Then, based on the metrics and insights GRID delivers, the county will be able to maximize the number of shared rides, improve the efficiency of program operations, and reduce costs.

According to Mindcubed’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Habib Nasibdar, “While GRID was initially deployed in the public safety and criminal justice domain, its core capabilities are adaptable to deliver significant benefits across numerous applications and industries, including transportation and public transit. We are honored and excited to bring the benefits of the GRID platform to the very county in which our company is headquartered, and this expansion into the transportation and public transit arena is in perfect alignment with Mindcubed’s strategic growth objectives.”

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