Corporate Values

Our core values define how we will work, how we will collaborate with and support Mindcubed customers, co-workers, partners, and investors. We will always perform:

  • Cooperatively – We work in everyone’s best interests when we work together. By collaborating, we benefit from one another’s intellect, experience, skills, ideas, resources, and dedication.
  • With Curiosity – We never believe or think we know it all. We strive to always remain curious to learn, to thoroughly analyze, to be creative in our approach, and to let the best ideas emerge as winning solutions no matter where they come from, as doing so keeps us humble, focused, and innovative.
  • With Honesty and Integrity – We strongly believe that to be successful, we must always preserve the reputation and honor of our company, our employees, our partners, and investors. Simply put, we will be sincere, candid, and ethical in all respects, at all times.
  • Passionately – We define passion as the desire to achieve whatever we set out to do without compromising our values and ethics. We will work passionately for the success and satisfaction of our customers, coworkers, company, and partners.
  • With Quality – Planning for quality is our first responsibility, and ensuring it has been achieved must always be our final step. We will deliver the highest quality by being consistent in our processes and never settling for less than service excellence. We will employ best practices and process steps from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and continuously improve our quality as defined by our customers, industry benchmarks, and our own high standards.